sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

The Day YOU Became Ordinary To Me

Olá Bunnies...

You, I'm writing this for you and you only.
It's the last time I'll write about you, writing is part of my soul and you no longer belong there.
Writing is still one of my passions, one of my dreams, one that you didn't have the chance to steal.

You were like a God made creature to me.
Perfect in every little imperfection.
You were funny, without trying hard.
You would laugh at every strange joke I made.
You were weird in your own special
I was fascinated by you.

Until the day I failed you, and even after that, you were there for me... anytime...all the time... you were my world.

I protected you.
I defended you.
I supported you.
I believed in you.
I trusted you.
I loved you...

You. Failed. Me.
You. Did. It. On. Purpose.
You. Did. It. For. Revenge.
You. Destroyed. One. Of. My. Biggest. Dreams.

You. Knew. It.

For years I told you how big that dream was to me.
For years I felt bad for letting you down.
For years I fought for your forgiveness.
For years I fought for our friendship.
For years I fought for our love.

You dared to let me believe that everything was going to be ok.
You dared to build new dreams on my head.
You  dared to make me want those new dreams.
You dared to convince me to put my dream on your hands.

You destroyed it all.

You became mean.

You became a liar.

You became a traitor.

You became evil.

You were no longer that special creature full o light and joy that I trusted and loved so deeply.
You became like the others...

You became ordinary to me.


3 comentários:

  1. Está com tanto sentimento! Tens super jeito <3

  2. I support you in two hundred percent. Now go ahead and forget what's behind. Life has these things but we can never lose our will to win and be happy.


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